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If you dream it, we can help you make it a reality. At Renewal Mill, we go above and beyond to make sure our partners are successful using our upcycled ingredients. Our product development team, lead by five-time James Beard Award-Winner Alice Medrich, will help you take your upcycled product from concept to shelf. 

Our Upcycled Ingredients

Organic Okara Flour

Organic Okara Flour (pronounced oh-kar-ah) is a low-carb, keto-friendly flour made from the pulp leftover from soymilk processing.

- 60% insoluble fiber
- 20% complete protein
- Neutral flavor and white color

Oat Protein

Oat Protein is a high-protein powder made from the pulp leftover from oat milk processing. 

- Approx. 50% plant-based protein
- 20% insoluble fiber
- Allergen-free

White Corn Flour

White corn flour is made from fines leftover from the corn grit milling process.

- White corn flour: white color, 8% protein, 2% fiber

Green Banana Flour

Green Banana Flour is a gluten-free flour made from whole unripened green bananas.

- Full of prebiotic fiber and resistant starches
- Lower Glycemic Index
- High potassium and magnesium content

Pineapple Fiber

Pineapple Fiber is a powder made from the pulp leftover from the pineapple juicing process.

- ~70% fiber, makes a great fiber additive
- Clean taste profile
- High potassium and magnesium content

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Our Customers

See how our partners use Renewal Mill upcycled ingredients to power their leading CPG products.

Pulp Pantry

Pulp Pantry upcycles vegetable pulp from cold-pressed juicing into delicious veggie chips with more fiber than kale chips and less carbs than corn and tortilla chips. Pulp Pantry uses Renewal Mill Okara Flour as a way to boost the total fiber and upcycled food content in their grain-free chips.

"Our Pulp Chips provide a good source of fiber in every serving thanks to the addition of Renewal Mill’s okara flour!"

- Kaitlin Mogentale, Pulp Pantry Founder

Tia Lupita

Founded by Hector Saldivar and named after his mother, Tia Lupita began when Hector shared his mother's homemade hot sauce with friends. He realized the recipe was too good to keep to himself, and he got his mother's blessing to bottle the sauce for all to enjoy. Today, Tia Lupita delivers flavorful sauces and snacks, inspired by Hector's family's recipes, including an okara-based tortilla to help save the planet one taco at a time.

"For us, working with upcycled okara from Renewal Mill is a game changer, not only because it’s a flour that tastes amazing and performs really well with our grain-free cactus tortilla, but also because it helps us tell our story of sustainability."

- Hector Saldival, Tia Lupita Founder

Square Baby

Square Baby is a baby food brand that offers daily nutrition meal plans customized for kid's specific dietary needs. With Square Baby, each meal is completely balanced and the Square Meal System™ delivers 100% of a baby’s daily recommended servings of fruit, veggies, protein, and grains.

"We had been looking for the right soy ingredient to add to our Early Allergen Introduction Menu. When we met Renewal Mill, we knew we’d found it — organic, highly nutritious, upcycled, local, and women-owned. We are proud to partner with a company whose mission also goes beyond quality, nutrition, and branding — and is also committed to the health and well-being of the next generation."

- Katie Thomson, MS, RD, Cofounder & CEO of Square Baby

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