Meet our new team members!

Meet our new team members!

Last year Renewal Mill welcomed two new team members, both based in NYC. Now that they are fully up to speed, let’s take some time get to know them through their professional background and some questions. 

Lydia Oxley joined as Director of Sales and Marketing but quickly took on additional responsibilities and moved into the President role. Her professional background spans across CPG, diving deeper into her passion for sustainable food systems over time. Her brand experience spans across Red Bull and Imperfect Foods, and also spent time at a regenerative agriculture start up funded by Ontario Teachers Pension Plan. 

How did you first hear about Renewal Mill?

“I first discovered Renewal Mill ingredients while launching Imperfect Food’s private label Okara Chocolate Chip Cookie. I was so impressed with the protein and fiber content along with the light nutty flavor of the cookies and saw a positive reception among all our customers. It was love from there!”

What does Bake a Better Future mean to you?

“Everyone eats food, which means we’re all part of an imperfect food system. At Renewal Mill, our products address food waste and nutritional availability in the most delicious way imaginable.”

How do you want to see Renewal Mill grow?

“In an otherwise shaky CPG environment, we sit in such a strong advantage to actively develop our ingredients as components of our products and business strategy. I see a ton of opportunity in strong and intentional commercialization of these ingredients while focusing on the natural consumer and retail traction of our CPG products.”


Mackenzie Campbell, our new Social Media Coordinator, brings a wealth of experience as a seasoned freelance social media manager. She has worked with notable companies such as Little Spoon, Elan Naturals, and Bluey. Mackenzie excels in fostering communities and creating meaningful connections in the dynamic world of social media.

How did you first hear about Renewal Mill?

"I was introduced to Renewal Mill through a friend who connected me with their incredible team. I realized later that I had worked at Caroline's mom's ice cream shop as a teenager (talk about a small world). From my first conversation, it was evident how passionate the team is about the amazing products they share with the world. Since then, I've been completely hooked on telling anyone who will listen about Renewal Mill."

What does Bake a Better Future mean to you?

"Baking a Better Future is about making a difference today for a better tomorrow. It can feel daunting to know how to make an impact, but even small actions matter. By baking one of our mixes, you're making a simple yet meaningful contribution to positive change."

What is your vision for Renewal Mill’s social and marketing content?

“I aim to build a community that understands the value of upcycling, while keeping our content fun! Our story is key, and once people get it, they support us and the impact we are making. I hope to share who we are in a simple, meaningful way through our social media and marketing content.”

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