Easy Dark Chocolate Brownie Ice Cream

Easy Dark Chocolate Brownie Ice Cream

Oatly vanilla ice cream with Renewal Mill dark chocolate brownies

Note: This is almost like writing out the recipe for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (that is to say, silly) but sometimes we just need to remind ourselves of this easy, delicious hack.

Makes 2 cups


1 pint of any vanilla vegan ice cream (we used Oatly Vanilla)
4 upcycled brownies made with Renewal Mill's Dark Chocolate Brownie Mix


1. Let the ice cream thaw on the counter for approximately 10 minutes, or just until it's starting to get soft enough to easily scoop.

2. Scoop out the ice cream into a medium mixing bowl.

3. Crumble the brownies over the ice cream and then stir to mix in.

4. Place the ice cream in an air-tight container (or back in its original pint!) and refreeze for at least 30 minutes.

5. Enjoy your decadent brownie ice cream - in one sitting or over time, we don't judge.

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