Renewal Mill in the Press


Salt & Straw, a Portland-based artisanal ice cream company, is doing its part to tackle food waste by offering a line of “upcycled” ice cream this summer. The outfit recently announced that it would partner with Urban Gleaners, Blue Stripes Urban Cacao, The Spare Food Co., EverGrain, and Renewal Mill to source ingredients that would have otherwise ended up in the garbage for its Upcycled Food Series...continue reading

Salt & Straw's New Menu Reduces Food Waste With Upcycled Ingredients

What tastes just as good as gourmet ice cream? Reducing food waste. Okay, well, maybe not, but when you are digging into some of Salt & Straw's newest flavors, you can enjoy the deliciousness all the more knowing that you're helping fight food waste in the U.S., which is linked to major greenhouse gas emissions. According to a press release sent to Tasting Table, the ice cream maker has partnered with several organizations that upcycle edible but unwanted food that would've otherwise been destined for landfills...continue reading

10 Climate-Conscious Snacks for Earth Month

Climate change is a hot topic, literally! When it comes to combating global warming, these vegan-friendly snack brands have risen to the occasion! Through carbon footprint offsets, sustainable ingredient sourcing, regenerative farming, and product upcycling, these vegan-friendly food brands are giving back to the environment while bringing you tasty options to snack on. Care for the environment, but want to get your snack on? Check out these vegan-friendly climate-conscious snack brands!...continue reading

Celebrate Women’s History Month with 7 female-founded food brands

Women have always played a large role in food history, from chef Edna Lewis, who redefined Southern black food, to Julia Child, who made haughty French cooking accessible to a U.S. audience, to Buwei Yang Chao, who introduced Americans to Chinese food with her book, How to Cook and Eat in Chinese. Whether or not they were acknowledged for it, women have always been behind many important shifts in how we eat and think about food...continue reading

10 under-the-radar food startups in 2022 that are about to be everywhere, from Fishwife to Yolélé

New food and beverage brands emerge because their founders spotted a gap in the market. Brands like Somos and Yolélé didn't see the flavors they grew up with reflected in grocery store products, so they developed their own. Other start-ups like Watermelon Road are building on plant-based trends...continue reading

Renewal Mill Expands in Retail While Growing Ingredient Partnerships

Upcycled ingredient supplier and food brand Renewal Mill has partnered with specialty kitchenware retailer Williams Sonoma to produce co-branded products under the retailer’s new Seed & Harvest brand. Set to launch nationwide this summer, the partnership aims to expand Renewal Mills’ two-pronged approach to driving revenue as a consumer and B2B brand and comes as the company has gone nationwide with Whole Foods Market...continue reading

How New Vegan Cookies Made With Miyoko’s Leftover Butter Fight Food Waste

Renewal Mill (a brand focused on upcycling ingredients) and Miyoko’s Creamery (known best for its vegan cheeses and butters) are fighting food waste in the most delicious way. The companies created co-branded vegan cookies using Renewal Mill’s star upcycled ingredient, okara flour (a byproduct of soy milk production), and leftovers from production runs of Miyoko’s Creamery European style cultured vegan butter that the vegan brand was unable to package and sell otherwise...continue reading

Renewal Mill: Making a profit while committing to sustainability

Consumer expectations are growing. Many want brands to make commitments toward sustainability, carbon reductions and other targets related to food waste and packaging. That mindset influences purchasing behavior...continue reading

The Best New Vegan Products of 2022 and Where to Find Them

With a major influx of vegan brands and established food companies developing new plant-based products, the number of choices on the shelf is already overwhelming. Natural Products Expo West 2022, the largest annual show of its kind, is where brands come from around the world to debut new and upcoming products and give away tons of samples for retail buyers, journalists. This past week, Expo West as it's known, proved that when it coms to vegan and plant-based packaged foods we have only scratched the surface...continue reading

Okara flour: Renewal Mill’s upcycled soy pulp boosts vegan ice cream

Upcycled vegan wholesaler Renewal Mill has teamed up with US craft ice cream brand Salt & Straw to create an upcycled dairy-free treat from a soy milk side stream. The limited-edition Chocolate Salted Caramel Cupcake ice cream features Renewal Mill’s vegan Dark Chocolate Brownie mix. The premix is based on okara flour – a gluten-free alternative to wheat made from soybean pulp...continue reading

New vegan frozen dessert features upcycled ingredient

Renewal Mill, an upcycled ingredient supplier, has partnered with small-batch ice cream maker Salt & Straw to develop a new non-dairy flavor, chocolate salted caramel cupcake.Available for a limited time, the frozen dessert has an oat base with sea salt, salted caramel frosting and dark chocolate brownie cupcake pieces. The cupcakes are made with Renewal Mill’s dark chocolate brownie mix, featuring organic okara flour produced from the soybean pulp generated during soy milk processing...continue reading

Kroger Announces 10 Food Trend Predictions for 2022

The Kroger Co. (NYSE: KR), America's largest grocery retailer, today announced its 2022 Food Trends Report, which predicts emerging food trends, consumer behaviors and popular items for the year ahead. This fourth-annual report centers on the continued dominance of at-home meals, powered by convenience, affordability, social gatherings, and the desire for sustainable and nutrient-rich food items...continue reading

This Company Is Turning Scraps into Flours

"Dregs” is such an unappealing word. But the dregs are exactly what Renewal Mill prizes. This Oakland, California–based business is all about upcycling and repurposing food by-products from waste streams; a rescue mission, if you will, that starts with the smallest scrap of food not going into the garbage...continue reading

Upcycling food waste onto our plates is a new effort. But will consumers find it appetizing?

Pizza with leftover olive leaves. Bread doctored with rice waste. Banana peels turned into snacks. These are examples of a trend called upcycled food — and soon they are coming to our plates.Upcycling used to be about redoing old clothes to make them fashionable again or revamping aged furniture. Now, however, amid concerns about how much food waste there is in the world, upcycling is coming to the food industry...continue reading