Treats you love, an
impact the planet loves

Renewal Mill is an upcycled food company that fights climate change and global food loss by upcycling byproducts from food manufacturing into superfood ingredients and premium, plant-based pantry staples.

We believe in a circular economy.

Wasted food is one of the largest drivers of climate change. But, it doesn’t have to be this way. At Renewal Mill, our vision is to create a new circular economy of food that closes the loop in today’s current supply chains, keeps valuable nutrition from going to waste, and reduces our impact on the environment. We believe that doing good should be, well, pretty darn delicious. 

We make upcycled, plant-based ingredients.

We’re building an entire portfolio of upcycled ingredients, sourced from places in the food system where nutrition is being lost (i.e. the byproducts of food manufacturing). Starting with the byproducts of plant-based milk, we’ve crafted a line of premium, high-fiber, gluten-free flours. Use our upcycled flours in your own recipes, or enjoy one of our baking mix products that highlight our ingredients. 

We do it for the next generation.

By improving the efficiency of our food system, Renewal Mill is helping ensure that the next-generation of eaters have a healthy planet and a sustainable future. Upcycling is about respect: respect for all the resources that go into growing and producing our food, and the people who do it. 

It all started with a juice shop.

Our CEO, Claire Schlemme, first came face-to-face with food waste challenges when she founded Boston's first organic juice company. At the end of each day, she was left with a mountain of nutritious produce pulp and no good solution for what to do with it. When she learned that other food makers were left with similar “pulp” byproducts but at a much larger scale, the lightbulb turned on. Renewal Mill exists to ensure that 100% of the food we produce is put to the best use — feeding people. 

Meet the Renewal Mill team

Claire Schlemme

Co-Founder & CEO

I founded Renewal Mill as a next generation ingredients company that upcycles byproducts, like okara, into high-quality ingredients, and keeps valuable nutrition in the supply chain. And okara is just the beginning. There is a world full of other byproducts just waiting for their day in the sun.

Caroline Cotto

Co-Founder & COO

When I met Claire (in a canoe, of all places), I knew that we were paddling towards the same goal. Renewal Mill is the result of our shared vision to drastically improve the efficiency of today’s food system, ensuring that 100% of the food we produce is put to its best and highest use — feeding people. 

Aaron Brown

Operations Manager

As a trained pastry chef, I spent many years in restaurants and learned that chefs have to be incredibly creative and find ways to use up everything they have. This is the mentality we're bringing to the food manufacturing space. Finding creative ways to help food companies use all of what they have through upcycled ingredients and products.