Renewal Mill is targeting fibrous byproducts that can be transformed through drying and milling to produce an array of versatile products. These milled products are nutritious, high in fiber, and flavorful without using synthetic processing techniques or unnatural fortification.



Olives  Pomace

Pomace contains skins, pulp, stems, and pits. It can be used to make lower grade olive oil and to extract components for cosmetics. 


Soy Beans  Okara

Okara is the pulpy byproduct of making soy milk. It can be dried and milled into a nutritious, naturally gluten free flour.

Almonds  Almond Meal

Almond meal is the byproduct from almond milk. Coarse meal can be dried and milled into a fine almond flour that is naturally gluten free. 

grapess use.png

Grapes  Pomace

Pomace is used to make brandy, grappa, grapeseed oil, and is commonly used in fertilizers. 


Potatoes  Pulp

Potato pulp is a component of some eco-friendly plastics and films. Peels are used as animal feed even though they contain as much nutrition and even more antioxidants than the interior of a potato. 


Pistachios  Shells

Shells can be ground into mulch, used for plant drainage, and can used to smoke meats in the BBQ.