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Okara flour is an essential part of a baker's pantry. Okara flour blends great taste and powerful nutrition to create a truly versatile ingredient. Added to any flour-based product, okara packs in fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals while allowing the food to retain its same taste, texture and appearance. A staple in Asia for centuries, okara is produced using only traditional and natural methods.

Why we love okara:

  • Contains 4x the amount of dietary fiber as whole wheat flour

  • Produced from organic and non-GMO soybeans

  • Naturally gluten-free

  • Planet-friendly

  • People-friendly

How we use okara:

  • Substitute 20-25% (by volume) of okara for most baked goods

  • Substitute less (5-10%) for breads and more for tortilla (35-40%)

  • Let your imagination soar when it comes to ways in which you can enjoy okara!